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Being a Poor excuse for a Girl

I was thinking about this the other day on the way into town. I overheard two girls chatting how they don't wear make up or carry handbags with them, and how they were called a poor excuse for a girl??... Continue Reading →

Story time: Dating Disaster

Stuck Up Simon This is a story about one of my worst dating disasters imaginable. I've never told anyone in such detail about these dates and my family don't even know I go on dates.. Do you see how secretive... Continue Reading →

Rules to Post Dating

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Twitter Instagram Should there be rules for after dating communication? Now, I’m not saying I’ve had loads of dates but I’ve had a fair share of bad ones. I’m literally so picky and lads just... Continue Reading →


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Twitter Instagram I've been waiting for Autumn since last autumn, this is by far my favourite season and time of the year. As much as I do love summer nights, I just love being able... Continue Reading →

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting University

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Twitter Instagram So it’s time for University to start again, I am going into my last year and I remember the daunting/exciting feeling of it all. If you’re a first year you might be finding... Continue Reading →

Third-Wheeling Problems

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Twitter Instagram Now, this can be about both relationship wise but also friend wise. Me personally, feels that third wheeling a friendship is way worse than third wheeling a couple.  The majority of my friends... Continue Reading →

How to recognise Fake Friends

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Twitter Instagram   You always meet friends that you think will be in your life forever, but what happens when they suddenly turn their back on you? You start overthinking everything that you've ever done... Continue Reading →

All About My Pets

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Twitter Instagram I thought for this blog, Ii'd write a little description of how I got my pets & what they mean to me.. just cause who doesn't love animals? I’ve always been a major... Continue Reading →

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